Sunday, August 19, 2007

joe tiller is a crybaby

purdue? more like purdon't! hahahaha. that always kills me for some reason. anyways, the mustachioed boilermakers coach has a bunch of nonsense to say about the fact that NCAA teams will be kicking off from the 30 instead of the 35 this upcoming season. (from an AP article)

"So now they're moving back 5 yards so we can create more g-forces as these kids are running into each other," he said. "I'm not in favor of moving it back 5 yards. I think about the health and safety of the players, first and foremost.

"It's probably going to add a few more injuries that we didn't have in the past. And maybe a few more kicks will be returned."

sure, joe. yeah. this will be the undoing of hundreds of budding football careers. now i'm not saying that kickoffs/returns aren't dangerous. but this rule change is hardly worth complaining about. it's not like the defenders will have extra yardage to build up speed before their collisions with the return team's blockers. the players are still starting the same distance apart. maybe, MAYBE, there will be a few more injuries on returns this year than there were last year because (duh) there will be more returns. but that's part of the sport. if you don't want players getting injured under these circumstances, why not just eliminate kickoffs altogether? hell, let's just play two hand touch. college football has about 100 problems that are more pressing and significant than this. quit crying and go run your program into the ground some more.


Chris Hart said...

My Indiana based school is far superior than your Indiana based school.

dan-bob said...

Hey Chris,

Several of us happen to be Notre Dame alums. I would even say we're fans of our school's football team. But, come on, we're sportswriters first, angry bastards second and Irish fans a distant third! I mean, I don't even think the Irish deserve to be ranked in the top 5 right now! So I think we are doing our best to be impartial and give the sports world the real scoop! So your joke is not funny!


Chris Hart said...

You guys love stats, so I'll break this one down for you:

Number of Indiana-based universities called out in this article: 1

Number of Indiana-based universities attended by LB : 1

Number of Indiana-based universities called out in this article that LB attended: 0.

Joke = appropriate. Maybe you should stop worrying about my non-insulting jokes and start reading more about Jimmy Clausen's arm strength.

dan-bob said...

Thank you for the breakdown.

Chris W said...


larry b said...

it's not my fault purdon't sucks. i'd feel the same way no matter what state they were located in. hell, i can even admit that west lafayette is a slightly less shitty town than south bend.