Thursday, August 2, 2007

i wish i could be sure that wrote this sentence as intentional understatement

but i just don't trust them to not earnestly overpromote themselves like this. on the front page right now, as text accompanying the top story, which is the announcement of the nba's 2007-2008 schedule:

Now you can really mark Dec. 25 on your calendar. The 2007-08 NBA schedule is out, and Greg Oden and Kevin Durant will highlight a Christmas day/night tripleheader on ABC and ESPN.

yeah, i was casually thinking about december 25th being an important date. that was until i saw this... and realized, HOLY CRAP, there will be some mildly mildly relevant nba regular season games that day! and they're televised on abc and espn!

i mean, it's entirely possible that that sentence was written tongue in cheek, with its author clearly knowing december 25th is one of the most important family days of the entire year (if not the most important) for a large chunk of america and just wanting to make a clever little joke overstating the importance of some NBA games. but... i'm not sure. it wouldn't shock me if whoever this mystery person is geniunely believes that december 25th legitimately just got a lot more important.

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