Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Isn't there something else they could be showing?

ESPN2, at this very second, is showing The Little League Softball World Series. Coooooommmme on. Nobody can seriously be wanting to watch this besides

a) These girls' families


b) pedophiles

It's bad enough watching college softball, but this shit is ridiculous. I've seen three runs scored in the last five minutes entirely on soft grounders and throwing errors. I'll bet these poor little girls would rather be playing beauty shop than trying to please their fathers: men who certainly curse God every day because they hadn't been able to get a single Y chromosome sperm to score a touchdown.

It reminds me of how Chris Hart explains why the WNBA has been a failure: "If I wanted to see bounce passes and layups, I'd go watch a middle school basketball game"


larry b said...

i was watching. but am i a), b),... or both? you decide.

Chris Hart said...

Thanks for the shout out Eric, I knew if I commented on enough posts someone would mention me by name. But seriously, miss more awkward, two-handed jump shots.

Chris W said...

this posts reeks of misogyny and sexism and I LOVE IT!!!!

--jeff pearlman

Chris W said...

(note: i do not actually believe jeff pearlman is a misogynist. please don't sue me)