Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Dumb Barry Bonds Post #1

This was actually printed before the record was broken, but who cares. Bruce Jenkins, everyone. Just a small snippet, actually.

I still can't imagine any team showing an interest in Bonds for next year, unless the Giants are clueless enough to bring him back, and don't ever put that past Peter Magowan, Larry Baer and influential investors.

Really Bruce? You don't think anyone would be interested in the guy smoking the league in EqA? .360 not good enough? I mean seriously, for the sake of trying to win baseball games, throw the damn scandals and negative publicity out the window. You have a guy that opposing pitchers are so terrified of that he walks once every 3-4 times at the plate. He still clearly has home run power, even if it's not what it once was. He said he wants to play next year, and there are plenty of teams that would take a shot on him (at the right price), even if not the Giants. The Angels need another power bat. Stat-oriented organizations like the A's would love him. The Twins get so little production out of their DH slot it's sick. We're not talking about Sammy Sosa here, we're talking about a guy that gets on base almost HALF THE TIME.

I'm not saying there's no dark cloud surrounding the guy, but it's true idiocy to suggest that no major league team is even "interested" in the most productive hitter per plate appearance in baseball. If the Giants keep around the very thing that is drawing attention to the team and is worth approximately 6 wins this year, there's nothing "clueless" about it. The fans love him in San Francisco. At the VERY WORST, it's "questionable" given the possibility of legal action.

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