Thursday, April 11, 2019

Food Metaphors Remain

A slow day at work and I'm reading about some baseball goofiness--an article by's Sam Miller about position players pitching to pitchers hitting (bizarro world, eh?).  It's an amusing article. But the reason I am coming out of blogtirement is because of this paragraph:

If real baseball is like a really good salad, then does Hitter Pitching To Pitcher Hitting just resemble a sloppier, lower-quality salad? Or is it a total inversion, a bowl of globby ranch dressing sprinkled with lettuce shreds? Can you eat it?

Has anyone ever compared baseball to salad?  Is the world so health-conscious now that we choose salads for our metaphors? Can't we just choose baseball-related food metaphors--like WHAT IF YOU PUT THE HOT DOG ON THE KETCHUP WOULDNT THAT BE WEIRD.

It might be that baseball writers are getting better about obsessing over wins and batting average as the measures of pitchers and hitters, but boy let me tell you this is a food metaphor for the ages.