Friday, August 3, 2007

how NOT to describe something that happens in a baseball game

troy renck of the denver post needs to either get his act together, or switch jobs. you can't describe events with this kind of language and expect to be taken seriously. re: last night's rockies-marlins game:

An unnerved Benitez squandered a one-run lead when Holliday crushed a double to right field. Holliday advanced to third on the throw home, standing as a reminder of the team's past and hope for the future.

no. no he did not. he stood there as a reminder of the fact that in baseball, if you strike the ball with the bat and the ball lands in fair territory without being caught, you are allowed to run counter-clockwise around the bases until you either reach home or deem it necessary to stop on 1st, 2nd, or 3rd base (so long as you are not put out in some other manner in the meantime).


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Chris W said...

after a two-run go ahead double, Vernon Wells straddled second base, an everpresent and eternal remind of the human condition

dan-bob said...

The existence of Eric Milton is enough to drive me to nihilism