Saturday, August 25, 2007

I*&^# the heck?!, Larry Dobrow!

A guy who reviews "ModernBride" magazine should not be writing articles telling people how to behave at baseball games.

Here's the best part:

Playing favorites: Avoid, with great prejudice, any shirt or related item that brands you as a newbie. For instance, right now my love for Joba Chamberlain and his Darting Slider Of Death is so intense that I'm beginning to question my heterosexuality. But heck to Betsy, the guy's thrown eight major league innings.

"heck to Betsy?! What?!. I googled the phrase with quotes around it, and discovered that the only articles to use that phrase are:

Larry Dobrow's review of ModernBride magazine
Larry Dobrow's review of Night Sky magazine
A couple of unsigned message board posts most likely made by Larry Dobrow.

If I were running a sports website, and I were going to get someone to write an article, I would make damn sure they knew shit about baseball, and also that they never wrote a review of Modern Bride magazine.

&*%$ the heck, SportsLine.


pnoles said...

I have tried so hard to avoid saying "fuck the heck" on this's ok now? Good.

$#*& the heck.

Anonymous said...

just googled "heck to betsy" myself...
you'll be happy to know that fjm now ranks 9 out of 10 on the results page. congrats.