Thursday, August 2, 2007

Hawk, Learn What "Valuable" Means, OK?

White Sox / Yankees, 4th inning, Harrelson = dumb. Quote not exact, but close.

"We're really feeling the hurt of what is the most significant injury to this ballclub, and that is Pablo Ozuna. I think people are really seeing now what an important piece to the puzzle he was, because of the energy he brings".

Pablo Ozuna's WARP1's, 2005/2006/2007: 0.7/0.7/-0.2

Yes, Pablo Ozuna is sorely missed for everything he brought to the team, 1.2 fucking wins over 3 seasons. What an important puzzle piece. If the puzzle is "why were the White Sox winning so much", surely this guy was the answer.

Okay, seriously, maybe those stats don't exactly include Ozuna's energy. There are several things that have suffered because Pablo is injured. Take these for example.

The bullpen ERA, feeling deflated from a lack of Ozuna's energy, has exploded to nearly 6.50

Jermaine Dye, without someone to inspire him by running really hard, has a .245 EqA

Jose Contreras is making a case for "worst pitcher in baseball". It's not because he's lost the ability to be a power pitcher, it's because he doesn't have Ozuna for emotional support.

But seriously, the absolute worst part of that quote, is that there is a way better player out for the year. I forgot his name.....Joe ThirdBaseman or something, who was worth 6.4 WARP1 in 2006.

Pablo Ozuna, you will be sorely missed. Your 2008 return will no doubt propel the White Sox to another 90-win season.

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