Saturday, August 11, 2007

Baseball History!

Apparently Barry Bonds' home run has made the seven fans of the D-Rays think of Wade Boggs' 3000th hit

I find it amusing that a totally unrelated home-run mark makes Tampa fans think of Boggs. Did they also think of Boggs when A-Rod hit 500 and Glavine won 300? Do Tampa fans celebrate Wade Boggs by growing porn-star 'staches every time a major-leaguer reaches a statistical number ending in 0?

Also there is another entry in the Joe-Morgan-Hall-of-Players-With-Wrong -Memories-Of-Their-Own-Career:

"Going into the weekend, I knew I needed three hits to reach 3,000," Boggs recalled. "I got stuck on 2,999 for what seemed like the longest time."

Actually, Wade, you got 2998, 2999 and 3000 all in the same game.


larry b said...

jokes about bad teams having single digit numbers of fans are officially hacky.

just saying.

me and the other four rockies fans would not appreciate it if you made that joke about our team.

Anonymous said...

The Rockies have fans?