Tuesday, August 14, 2007

i think dumb barry bonds related articles are still fair game

kevin hench doesn't like barry bonds, and therefore can make absolutely outlandish statements about the situation surrounding him and his pursuit of hank aaron's record. quoth hench, on a list of other hallowed sports records:

There is no doubt in my mind that if a NASCAR driver was on the verge of eclipsing Richard Petty's record 200 wins, many, many more American sports fans would be riveted by that chase than were by Bonds' torturous hunting down of Hank Aaron.

he didn't say more fans would be rooting for the guy breaking the record, he just said more people would be "riveted." there is no doubt in my mind that kevin hench is so tragically out of touch with the interests of the average american sports fans that he should be removed from his job at foxsports.com immediately.


Chris Hart said...

I consider myself a pretty well informed sports fan, probably a step or two above the "average", but I had no freaking clue that Richard Petty had 200 wins. I take it that's some sort of sacred record?

Also, just for the sake of argument, I think the night by night/pitch by pitch saga of chasing a homerun record is more exciting than a trying to win a race once a week. I mean the Ripken thing was great to watch, but I wasn't exactly on the edge of my seat, ya know?

Chris W said...

i'll give him this:

the percentage of nascar fans who say "i don't care about the record" while secretly caring would be a lot lower than the pct of baseball fans who said the same thing about Bonds while secretly caring.