Thursday, August 30, 2007

bill simmons gets around to admitting the obvious

in yet another column about one of his favorite teams (seriously, just move back to boston already, maybe then you'll actually be able to write about something else once in a while) bill makes this stunning admission:

Again, I'd rather be a Sox fan in 2007 than 2003. I just wasn't prepared to root for the Yankees, and as sad as this sounds, we've kinda sorta maybe turned into the Yankees. Like them, we spend more money than everyone else. Like them, we make expensive roster mistakes (Drew, Lugo, Matt Clement, Edgar RenterĂ­a, et al.) without any repercussions. Like them, we're detested by opposing fans because we invade their stadiums and taunt their teams. And like them, we're sucking in all the soulless bandwagon kids who pick their favorite teams in first grade based on winning percentages and superstars.

i'm not going to lie- it feels good to hear him admit this. still, i will now light myself on fire after throwing up in my mouth a little and answering my own rhetorical question(s).


Chris Hart said...

I love how you act like he's making a stunning admission, but he's been complaining about the bandwagon fans for a long time now and doesn't pretend otherwise. You're just bitter because you hate Boston sports teams.

Anonymous said...

Chris makes it sound like hating Boston sports teams is a bad thing. Say it aint so Chris.

larry b said...

yes, thank you anonymous, for pointing out the error in chris's thinking. yayyyyyy sox! goooooo sox! yayyyyyyyyyyyyy manny!

dan-bob said...

MannyTheTorpedoes: /plays with army men under desk
MannyTheTorpedoes: but yor desk is a american base

fire! psssh bang! bang! bang! BANG!