Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Worst Transition of All-Time

From the beginning of Jay's article about the Bears/Packers game:

GREEN BAY, Wis. -- What a dope, that Ashton Kutcher. Didn't he have better things to do with his life? A lifelong Bears fan from Iowa, he and wife Demi Moore ventured from Hollywood to Cheesewood to see his team play the Packers. They even brought their friends, lovebirds Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake -- the same Timberlake who participated in an infamous wardrobe malfunction at the Super Bowl.

I would have predicted a franchise malfunction Sunday night.

Here comes a sentence I didn't think I'd have to type when I woke up this morning. Jay, if Ashton Kutcher-related bullshit doesn't have anything to do with your column, DON'T PUT IT IN THERE!

This reminds me vaguely of Mike Patrick blabbing about Britany Spears near the end of the Georgia game from a few weeks ago.


Larry said...

Damn that guy going to see his favorite team play!

larry b said...

you know who else was in attendance? steve carrell, star of tv's "the office."

jay would have predicted some really dunder-headed play out of the bears on sunday night.

Chris W said...

i'm really "miff"ed about that pun larry

pnoles said...

he totally schruted it

pnoles said...

also new kutcher label, in case we need it later.