Sunday, October 21, 2007

Those Poor, Poor, Yankee Fans

I've never in my brief time as an anti-sports media blogger wanted to rip apart an article more than this one. (The one on the right.) I like Peter Gammons, but I can't imagine what led him to write a pity party article about YANKEE FANS. From what I can gather, here's a brief summary: life for Yankee fans has been so difficult lately! I mean, they haven't won the world series in like 7 years. I'm shocked anyone even roots for them anymore; personally, I give up on my favorite teams if they sustain a five year drought. I have so much respect right now for those long-suffering fans in the Bronx.

Alas, since I'm not an "insider", I can't actually see the damn thing. What a tragedy. You can imagine, though, how awful it is. I'll have to settle for ripping the teaser line attached to the article on ESPN's front page.

It's been a tough week for the fans. OK, a tough decade.

Yeah, the '00s have been really rough for those Yankee fans. Seriously... only one championship? A measly three pennants? Only six division titles, and seven playoff appearances? IN SEVEN WHOLE YEARS? How are those fans coping? I hope they're getting by OK. Someone needs to organize a letter writing campaign for them, similar to the kind of thing people usually do for soldiers overseas. I know it would take a big effort, but anything that helps those lovable and unfortunate people get over the atrocious performance of their baseball team is worth it.

Will they have reason to smile anytime soon?

Probably not. Why would they? It's not like their team has any means by which they can acquire better players. They're pretty much stuck with the guys they've got. Their resources are pretty limited.

One man says yes.

That man is writing an article that might have the most ridiculous premise I've ever heard.


eriz said...

what about in 01' when thos goddamned commie DiamondBacks had the nerve to beat America's team in the world series?

I'm not even sure how New Yorkers got on with their lives in the post 9/11 world. sheesh.

Folks, we let Al Qaeda win

jimbo said...

wanna talk about something that's an absolute joke is this 'insider' thing?

I used to spend some quality time at work reading espn (the good and the bad).. now with this insider crap you have to subscribe, who can be bothered. i actually work now...

Tonus said...

I don't know who wrote the teaser, but the article is just pointing out that with or without Torre, the Yankees will be fine. Good nucleus of young players, more money than god, etc etc. Nothing groundbreaking, but nowhere near as dramatic and breathless as the blurb would lead you to believe. Gammons doesn't mention the fans or their 'plight'.

And after all, ESPN needs more articles about the Yankees, reminding us that hey, they have lots of money and are willing to spend it. Who are they going to talk about otherwise... the Rockies?

larry b said...

Thanks tonus. That's what I get for not being an insider. Also, thank goodness the Yankees are going to be OK! We can cancel that letter writing campaign, I guess.