Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Mystery Solved!

Skip Bayless, on 1st and 10, explains the New York Yankees losing in the postseason in recent years (quote obv not exact, close).

They've lost 13 of 17 postseason games because [Torre] is so nonchalant and lackadaisical in the postseason! He's like, "I'm Joe Torre and you're not!" That doesn't cut it!

Throw team talent, small sample sizes, everything the players do, and even every decision a manager makes clear out the window. All that matters in a postseason series is the manager's attitude!

In 2006, Tony LaRussa was saying "I'm Tony LaRussa, and we're gonna win!"

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Tonus said...

Just so I am sure I understand...

When the Yankees were winning, it was due to Torre's calm demeanor and grandfatherly aura.

When the Yankees aren't winning, it's because of Torre's calm demeanor and grandfatherly aura.

Got it. I just think Skip Bayless is jealous because he definitely doesn't have a grandfatherly aura.