Monday, October 29, 2007

A Quick Post That's Not Based On Me Being a Crybaby

Despite what it says below, I'm not so torn up inside that I can't point out how ridiculous FOX's "Keys to the Game" were tonight. (As read by Tim "The Voice of Reason" McCarver)

Red Sox:
Try to wrap up lopsided series

Desperate times; just try to win tonight

Soooooo... the key for the Red Sox was to try to win. Whereas the Rockies were trying to win. I guess that explains the outcome!

On that note here's my "Keys to the Game" for the 2008 presidential election:

Try to hold on to office

Try to get more electoral votes than other guys

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pnoles said...

"Keys to the Game" for the FOX Broadcasting crew.

Joe Buck:
1) Toothy smile!
2) Remember: everything is cooler and tougher than it seems

Tim McCarver:
1) Show creativity by inventing words ("beautily"???)
2) There is no such person as Mark Wohlberg.