Monday, October 29, 2007

Michael Wilbon, Please Don't Make Me

A mini-PTI during Monday Night Football. I really like Michael Wilbon. I think he's smarter than most people who work for ESPN. He's smart and has good reasons for thinking the things he does. Tonight, the question was pitched to him: "Are the Yankees better off without A-Rod?"

(quote not exact, but close)

Absolutely. It's simple, you just look back at what happened before he got there! The Yankees won 4 championships just before he arrived, and have won zero since. What does that tell you?

It tells me, Mike, that baseball is a game where you not only need good hitting to win a World Series, but also good pitching. A-Rod can't supernaturally transplant his greatness into Mike Mussina's body, Mike Mussina needs to learn how to get hitters out himself. It also tells me that the MLB playoffs unfold in such random ways that the best team probably doesn't even win it all 50% of the time.

It does not tell me that A-Rod is some sort of Yankee poison that causes them to double over and barf awful performances all over the baseball diamond when the month of October strikes.

The correct answer to the general form of that question: "Is any team better off without the best fucking baseball player in the world?" is "no".


larry b said...

See, I welcome this move. Because when the Yankees win 85 games and miss the playoffs next year, people will suddenly realize that not having A-Rod is actually worse than having A-Rod.

Oh wait, no they won't. They'll say its because Pettite and Posada left, and because Jeter didn't get enough respect from the media.

And furthermore, when A-Rod takes the Angels to the pennant, that will be because they move runners and steal bases.

These inevitable events are the very reason this blog exists.

larry b said...

Also, 300th post! At this rate we'll pass Bonds sometime next June or July.

pnoles said...

That was the 300th post? Damn....if I knew it was a milestone, I woulda made it like Thome's walk-off #500. This was like a solo home run with the team up 10-1 (very A-Rod-ish of me....looooool!)

GregP said...

Dude, the "best team" doesn't win anywhere near 50% of the time.

With the three tier playoff system, it;s more like 20-25% of the time.

pnoles said...

Actually, gregp, I made a lenient upper bound to save myself fights. I originally had 25%, then 30%, then 40%, then just said, "oh what the hell" and typed in 50%. I do think 20-25% is a little low, though, but you're right, it doesn't happen as often as it should.

larry b said...

Well as long as the Red Sox win the next infinity World Series, the best team in the league's success percentage is going to skyrocket. Because they are the best team ever. A legitimate dynasty. That's right. I said it.