Monday, October 8, 2007


Peter King finds new ways to entertain me every single week. I need a reason to read MMQB, which I do every single week, religiously, and it's certainly not for the analysis or predictions.

King is like that high school cheerleeder. You know, the one with several UTIs and a hilariously scandalous reputation by the time she graduates. And I say that because there is no way that anybody in the world has fellated as many all-star or former all-star QBs as Peter has.

I don't mind his inside information about Trent Green's brutal concussion from laying out a low block; in fact I think it's kind of cool (in a creepy stalkerish kind of way) that he has so much personal knowledge about so many players. Here is a text message conversation (or in text message terms, convo) between Peter King and Trent Green after the game

Here's the exchange:

King to Green, 5:14 p.m.: "peter king here. just texting to wish you well and to say hope you come out of this okay.''

Green to King, 9:06 p.m.: "Will b ok. Not like lst yr. TG.''

King to Green: 9:08 p.m.: "hey -- how about johnson calling your block a malicious hit? feel better. peter.''

(And this is the one I found interesting.)

Green to King, 9:12 p.m.: "He outweighs me by over 100 lbs. Where shld I blk him? TG.''

Here is what I find interesting:

1) Trent Green writes text messages like a preteen girl
2) Peter King Actually has Text Message conversations with NFL players


Bonus Peter King Baseball Analysis that doesn't involve the Red Sox

d. There can't be a more improved player in baseball over the last couple of years -- other than maybe Carlos Pena -- than Kaz Matsui.

I love Matsui and all but let's look at the numbers (OPS+)

2004: 88
2005: 72
2006: 76
2007: 87

He was injured most of '05 and '06. So in between his rookie year and this season, his OPS+ has gone up by a staggering -1! WOW! Kaz has become an outstanding defensive second basemen though, but I'm pretty sure that's not what king was looking at. And I'm certain that the only 3 rockies games king has seen all season were against philly in the playoffs, so I guess give Kaz "Babe Ruth" Matsui due props.

Last second edit:

Just to clarify, I personally think Matsui has improved even though the OPS+ hasn't changed.

1) He's played almost a full season
2) He's been really solid defensively as I mentioned above.
3) Adjusting OPS for park factors really hurts a hitter like Matsui at Coors Field, who gets on base through infield hits, bunt hitting, and gets a ton of Extra Base Hits by hitting low line drives (especially down the first base line). All of those batting numbers aren't really changed from park to park. Still though, Most Improved Player in all of Baseball? Coooooooome Onnnnnn


Chris W said...

I knew there was going to be some sanctimonious shit about this shit

a.) Travis Johnson had no way of knowing Green was unconscious

b.) Where was this outrage when Mike Sherman yelled at Warren Sapp for demolishing Chad Clifton on a cheap-shot block?

I am not going to put two and two together why it wasn't ok for Sapp to hit Clifton but it WAS ok for Green to dive at a guy who's running full speed's knees....

Whether Green was unconscious or not, it has nothing to do with whether the hit is bullshit...

eriz said...

Yeah that's true. And Green's reasoning was kind of bullshit too.

Hitler Text Message: "These jews wn't leave my cntry. What else shld i do? AH"

Larry said...

Yet Chuck Bednarik standing over Gifford is considered one of the best pictures in NFL history. Guess if he would have done that nowadays then he would get crucified also.

eriz said...

yup. pnwd n00bie

Chris Hart said...

BTW, the "real" fjm just ripped you off.

Larry said...

So you agree with me...