Tuesday, October 2, 2007

pleading for leniency will get you nowhere

espn's michael knisley, re: colorado's 13 inning win over san diego in the NL wild card playoff game:

A long, stressful, extra-inning night finally ended a long, stressful, extra-game regular season Monday in Denver, and the Colorado Rockies flew away to Philadelphia and the National League Division Series ...

... on Holliday.

Matt Holliday.

please don't make dumb puns like that. i promise you, less than 2% of your readers are impressed. yet, 2 paragraphs later-

In that sense, if you'll excuse the pun, the game was a baseball holiday...

what the shit did i just say? if you're a professional writer, and feel the need to preface a pun with "if you'll excuse the pun..." that should be your first hint that it was a terrible idea to write it in the first place. idiot.


Jarrett said...

jesus, your team won, embrace the horrific pun.

Chris W said...

list of better rockies puns

"they will fly to phillie where they will stay at the Todd Helton"

"talk about going to the mat, these guys know the ancient japanese art of matsui"

"they emerged from the fogg victorious"

"they may not have been the most talented team but these guys had their tulowitz about them"

"colorado survives a rockie third"

Chris W said...

ps something about overcoming hurdles

dan-bob said...

Rockies Hawpe over Padres with late-season surge!

"Affeldt like we had it the whole way!" said Jeremy.

Lean & mean Rockies must be on the Atkins diet!