Wednesday, October 24, 2007

WMTMQR, Written This Week By Someone Funnier Than Me

For the zero of you new to FireJay since the last time I did this, the acronym stands for "Wednesday Morning Tuesday Morning Quarterback Review." Anyways, it's been way too long since I confronted the pretentious douche otherwise known as Gregg Easterbrook. I'll try to make it a more regular thing, as per the request of commenter "anonymous" last week.

Anyways, before I sat down to dismember his "shit pile" (term stolen from the same anonymous quoted above) of an article this week, I checked out what Good Guy At Sports had to say about it. And I was nearly moved to tears. So much so that after careful consideration I decided I didn't have much to add. Is this because I'm lazy and would rather link you to his analysis than spend time articulating mine? Maybe. But he definitely did do a pretty fantastic job.

Now, in case you actually care what I think about what Easterbrook said, which you don't, here's my quick take. The difference between me and GGAS is that he's a mild Patriots supporter whereas I want to vomit all over my TV whenever they get brought up. But even I have to admit... Easterbrook has gone way over the top during the past few weeks to trash the (stupid TMQ nickname alert) "Flying Elvii." Yes, their coach is a wife-stealing asshole. Yes, I would probably try to break Tom Brady's kneecaps if I had the chance. And yes, more so than anything else having to do with the team, the incessant knob schlobbing they receive from the media is nothing short of an embarrassment. But really, is characterizing the Pats as an evil foil to the Colts (who allegedly represent all that is good because Peyton Manning likes to smile) fair? In the end it's just two teams full of professional athletes. Both probably employ some really nice guys. Both probably employ some gigantic assholes. The only real difference between the teams in terms of good/evilness lies in the personalities of the two head coaches. Oh, and the fact that the Patriots have some of the most insufferable fans in all of professional sports. But that's about it. In the end those two reasons aren't enough for me to agree with what TMQ writes. At all.

Don't get me wrong, it's not that I don't hate the Patriots anymore. It's just... come on, Easterbrook. Get your shit together and write about something else.

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad that blogs are starting to realize Easterbrook's gradual shift towards insanity. Over the last month, I would say that he has bothered me more than any other writer, mostly because of his smug "I'm right, you're wrong" writing.
On another note, thanks for making my day and quoting me in your opening paragraph (with the word 'shit pile' no less).