Sunday, October 28, 2007

So That's It, Huh

Another sadly short World Series. In the last 4 seasons, the team that has lost the World Series has claimed a mere one game.

And of course, the Red Sox just had to win. I suppose every cloud has a silver lining, though. This is going to elicit a wonderful volley of awful east-coast malarkey for me to read.

One thing from the broadcast today made me smile. A Rockies player, Spilborghs I want to say, slapped a soft, traditional 3-hopper to Julio Lugo, who casually moved a bit to his left and made the routine play that the majority of MLB shortstops will make 100 out of 100 times.

Joe Buck: "Tough play for Lugo"


eriz said...

hey ryan spillborghs, why don't you swing at more 3-1 pitches are your feet.

still bitter

Matt said...

The Fox team was doing that all series, particularly in any play made by a shortstop who actually had to move his feet. Last night the Rockies turned a DP where the 2nd baseman (I forget if it was Matsui or Carroll at the time) had to hurry his throw to 1st and take a step back to avoid the runner. Buck essentially called it the best DP you'll ever see. Really? Better than 1 where a guy has to dive, or make a barehanded relay, or flip the ball blindly out of his glove to get the out at 2nd, or where the 2B leaps over the runner and gets completely wiped out while making the throw?