Saturday, October 6, 2007

Displacing the Blame Here, Maybe?

Scott Miller points the finger at Soriano.

Leadoff man Soriano has not been a threat at all, going 0-for-5 in Game 1 and then fanning in each of his first two at-bats in Game 2 before finally collecting a single in the fifth inning. In the two games, he is 2-for-10 with four strikeouts.

Fuck you, Soriano for having 2 hits in 10 ABs. If you were clutch, you would have gotten 2.99 hits like your batting average says you should. Asshole.

Never mind that the team is hitting .179 in the series, that .200 is a higher BA than the team's BA, that Aramis Ramirez is 0-9 with the same number of K's as Fonz, or that Ted Lilly showed the world that he does a fantastic impression of Casey Fossum


Anonymous said...

You have kindred spirits at

We're going to be dropping by from time-to-time. We'd welcome your participation over there.


Nick said...

Great blog! Fire Jay Mariotti!

Chris W said...

tell mr. dahl cw says hi

eriz said...

i was gonna make a snarky comment about how you missed that he didn't get a single walk either, because I assumed that he must have a high OBP (being the leadoff batter and all).

Why the hell has he been leading off BTW? His OBP is decent at .337, but he has pretty good power. Shouldn't they be using him in more RBI situations?

pnoles said...

Yeah....Soriano's one of the worst in the league at less than half a walk per 10 ABs, so I threw that out the window, good thinking though.

Also yeah, ideally, he def should be batting lower in the order. The Cubs don't really have any non-power hitters with high OBP though, so it's tough. You could probably make a good case for Derrek Lee and Soriano switching spots in the batting order.

Anonymous - I've seen the jaythejoke website before. Glad to hear you're on board with the grand "mission".