Sunday, October 21, 2007

We Interrupt This Coverage of Joe Torre's Rejection of the Yankees Job to Bring You ALCS Game 7

Just a couple weird things, just in the first inning....I'll be adding them as I see fit. That's right folks, I'm LIVEBLOGGING. Because it's live, all quotes are not exact, but close!

1) McCarver: They've been saying Grady Sizemore is Superman. It looks like Superman has lost his cape!

Ooh.....sorry Tim. The obligatory reference we were looking for was "Kryptonite".

2) McCarver: When you get 2 strikes on the batter, the advantage definitely swings to the pitcher


Update: This is lame. 5th inning, Boston winning, McCarver not ridiculous. These things need to change.

***7th inning***

3) McCarver: And as you can see, Lofton was held up, because Skinner, the 3rd base coach, and as you can see this is a fair ball.

Quite the sentence, eh?

4) Tim McCarver just argued that Joel Skinner made the wrong move in holding Kenny Lofton because a) a double play followed and b) Franklin Gutierrez would still be on 2nd if Lofton was out.

The correctness of the decision to send a runner home is apparently independent of whether or not he is likely to be safe or out.

***End of 7th***

5) I'd like it if someone checked me on this, but it sounded like Joe Buck just said that Skinner, the 3rd base coach, was responsible for Lofton being thrown out (assuming he wasn't actually safe) earlier in the game.

Also, a serious question....with the Red Sox rookies playing very well in this game, can we still expect to see articles about the Indians' lack of postseason experience costing them if they don't wind up winning?

***8th inning***

The Red Sox fans are chanting "M-V-P" for Mike Lowell. That's a joke, right?


larry b said...

Well done. Even though only like 10 people a day come here (actually more like 100-150) we should consider "live-blogging" the WS games or something, just to see how it goes. Thoughts?

Jeff said...

Well who's your AL MVP? Alex Rodriguez? If he's so valuable, how come his team isn't in the playoffs?

Case closed.

Sometimes its fun to play the part of the exceedingly simplistic sportswriter.

Seriously though, it should be an entertaining world series.

Larry said...

That was worlds better then Bill Simmons ALCS blog!

larry b said...

Larry, I'm not sure whether to be happy about that compliment or not. It's kind of like being told "hey, you're less ugly than than the ugliest person I've ever met!"

Jeff, let me tell you a little something about valuableness. It's also spelled J-E-T-E-R. What? He's also out of the playoffs? Doesn't matter; he did that on purpose. It's part of his ploy to bang every woman in America.