Tuesday, October 16, 2007

No Way! Are You Serious? I Can't Believe That's True!

No less than three minutes ago, Tim McCarver said one of the most ridiculous things I've ever heard from Tim McCarver. And that's saying a lot.

Situation: Red Sox/Indians, Bottom of the 5th. The Indians have scored six in the frame. The inning began with a Casey Blake solo home run. Tim, take it away (not verbatim because I don't have DVR, but I didn't fudge anything or omit anything important).

"You'd think a leadoff walk would lead to more multi-run innings than a leadoff home run. We did some research and ran the numbers... turns out that's not the case. A leadoff home run actually creates more multi-run innings. Go figure!"

Oh... so you mean... wow. Who'd have known? Just goes to show you, you can't always trust conventional wisdom. I mean, if I were a manager and were looking for a big inning, I for one would much rather have a guy on first with no runs in than no one on and one run in already. But as the saying goes, "That's why they play the games!"

That's applicable here, right?


Diesel said...

That's the second time this season McCarver's said that very thing.


There's nothing you can say about Tim McCarver that hasn't already been said about Ashlee Simpson.

Diesel said...

Oh, and thanks for the plug, guys.

larry b said...

Are you kidding me? Thank YOU for the plug. I had no idea we were in your blogroll, you'll be added to our promptly.

pnoles said...

Haha....yeah Larry....Fire Joe Morgan beat you to that one....McCarver said something to that extent a few weeks back. BUt still, I can't believe no one explained to him why that's stupid.

Tonus said...

When he said it that other time, McCarver implied that it must be an anomaly, by specifically saying that it happened "this year" and that it goes against conventional thinking.

You will pry the ignorance from Tim McCarver's cold, dead fingers.