Monday, May 14, 2007

Let's Write a Rick Reilly Column

Small people people in wheelchairs poor people teaching lessons to underserved people struggle struggle conquering history and sports as metaphor game of life winning losing how you play the game rudy black people white people red people david eckstein green people people from small towns beating teams from big city fathers and sons sports movies eddie gaedel drawing emotional responses the power of young people cheaters are bad and so are people who don't realize that sports is just part of the big game of life playing catch with your dad i once met a man who lived in a trailer so he could afford LSU season tickets oh wait thats a real story NOT shawn kemp or wilt chamberlain because good sports stars keep their sexual indiscretions hushed - tragic heroes epic heroes stories that resonate in your soul field of dreams its kind of like literature that rednecks can understand i even like soccer because its emotions connect to my soul real stories sometimes make me cry.

sports are just beautiful.

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