Monday, March 31, 2008

Ebert, Roeper, and Morgan

Joe, during tonight's Twins/Angels game, re: Bull Durham:

That's one of the greatest movies ever made about the minor leagues.

Are you sure? Boy, that's going out on a limb. Do you really want to stick it up there with Brewster's Millions? What about Major League III? And don't forget Bleacher Bums, with that unfunny pud Brad Garrett. I guess if you really wanted to stretch it, you could call Bull Durham one of the top 25 minor league-centric movies ever. But expect some resistance to that inclusion from serious movie aficionados.

Herez you're bonus punchedline!!!!!!!1111:

I bet Joe would call Babe Ruth one of the best home run hitters of the 1920s.


pnoles said...

While we're on the subject of Joe Morgan, I caught him saying that Hanley Ramirez was a good defensive shortstop on Sunday.

Andrew said...

I'm still dreaming about what could have been, with regard to the Sunday night moment that GWB discussed his one time plan to make Joe the GM of the Rangers. That would have been such a sick braintrust. It would be almost like if we let Bush and Dick Cheney run the country! Oh, wait.

Archie Micklewhite said...

Just imagine...

Vice President Joe Morgan: terrible for the world, tremendous for announcing. Frankly, I'm torn.

Chris W said...

it blows my mind how many sweet tags for this site i invented back when i used to post

my favorite is: "appreciating a good wine"