Sunday, March 30, 2008

John Kruk Stays The Course

Krukie, earlier today offering his prediction for who will win the NL Central this year:

I like the Cubs- and I've been saying this since day one.

It is day one, jackass. Or day five, I guess, if you want to be picky about those A's/Red Sox games. I guess he probably meant "since the beginning of spring training." That's still like picking a team to win the NCAA tourney when the brackets get announced, watching them beat East Bumfuck State A&M in the first round, and then reaffirming the pick as if you're going out on a limb by sticking to your guns.

In an unrelated story, it's been tough to keep holding on to this one, but I've still got Andrew W.K. as my pick for douchiest one hit wonder of the 21st century.


Chris W said...

douchier one hit wonders than party hard, which was not at all douchey:

1. save a horse ride a cowboy
2. crank dat (soulja boy)
3. that panic at the disco song about closing a goddamned door (NO!)
4. are you jimmy ray (so bad it counts as a 2000's one hit wonder)

Bengoodfella said...

Maybe John Kruk meant he picks the Cubs every year? Maybe? I really have no excuse for him, but I am sure he really sticks to his guns. That is what is important, not good analysis or him actually being right, but sticking to his horrible spring training choices.

I thought I heard Joe Morgan say last night that Odalis Perez led the Dodgers in hitting one year. Am I the only one that heard this?

Jim said...

I've got you beat Larry, I have been saying that Andrew W.K. was my pick for douchiest one hit wonder of the 21st century since DAY ONE.

Alex said...

Who wins in a douchebag battle: John Kruk or Andrew W.K.?

Bengoodfella said...

Andrew W.K. wins.

I did completely forget about the song, "Are you Jimmy Ray?" That guy was a pretty big douche bag.

John Kruk is just kind of disgusting but not a douche.

Jim said...

Too fat to be a douche bag.

Roy Williams of UNC is a douche, but if he gains anymore weight he'll just be a fat ass.

larry b said...

Chris, you made me laff. You're right, Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy is douchey as hell, and Are You Jimmy Ray should count for this century.