Thursday, March 20, 2008

Reader Extra Participation Friday: Bad, Worse, Worst

Thanks to everyone who responded to my request earlier in the week for links. I definitely have a small backlog of them going at this point, and will try to get to a couple over the weekend. I still have to finish that Gene Wojceichowski thing, someone tipped me off about a random asshole over at who needs to be fired, and we now have definitive proof that Jemele Hill is a huge racist. Tune in during the next few days to see what I'm talking about. Consider yourselves teased!

And I know I'm starting to repeat myself, but sorry for the relative lack of activity around here these days. The Google Analytics shows that we've lost a few readers recently and frankly I don't blame them. But thanks to those of you who continue to patiently check back on a regular basis. I promise we'll get a little more activity going and make it worth your while (non-sexually) to have stuck around relatively soon.

Is everyone familiar with the time-passing game "marry/fuck/kill?" Basically, it's an excuse to argue with your friends about various members of the opposite sex. Someone throws out three names (celebrity or mutual friends, attractive or not), and you have to choose one to marry, one to fuck, and one to kill. It can provide hours of entertainment on road trips or while waiting in line for shit. And every once in a while, one of your friends will make a stunning admission that completely rocks the foundation of everything you thought you knew about him or her and can then be used to mock them for weeks and months to come. (Seriously, Chris Hart? You'd marry Rosie O'Donnell, fuck Oprah, and kill Roseanne? OK, Mr. Crazypants. Go ahead and ruin your life. It's your choice.)

Anyone who has played it can vouch for the fact that it's a lot of fun. So I thought for Reader Extra Participation Friday, we should do a spin-off on that game. It's called "bad/worse/worst." I know it sounds complicated but stick with me. I'll throw out a few trios of names from the sports media world. You pick any of them and let me know which person you think is bad, which one is worse, and which one is the worst and why. Choose carefully or you could be mocked relentlessly by the other seven readers of the blog. I won't offer my opinions on these examples yet, although I wish I could be by a computer during the day tomorrow to argue about them with whoever stops by and decides to chime in. I guess I'll check back in when I get home from work and throw my hat in the ring.

Jay Mariotti/Bill Simmons/Jemele Hill

Stuart Scott/Linda Cohn/John Kruk

Tim McCarver/Dick Vitale/Joe Morgan

Sean Salisbury/Steve Phillips/Emmit Smith

Or hey, if you get bored with this whole bad/worse/worst thing, just play marry/fuck/kill with them. Whatever floats your boat.


pnoles said...

Too easy.

All of these are in the order of bad/worse/worst

Bill Simmons/Jay Mariotti/Jemele Hill

Linda Cohn/Stuart Scott/John Kruk

Dick Vitale/Tim McCarver/Joe Morgan

I will confess, I have not experienced much of Emmit Smith or Sean Salisbury, so I decline reply on that last one.

larry b said...

This is embarrassing.

Chris Hart said...

Man, your blog sucks.

chris w/pnoles/larry b

how's that for you? Maybe later i'll do a bad/worse/worst ranking of you guys too.

Martin said...

Where the hell is Archie when ya need a post?

rhythmic gymnastics/figure skating/the WNBA

zucchini/cauliflower/brussel sprouts

anonymous/Anonymous/Chris Hart

slwg said...

Based on my brackets after the first 2 rounds: