Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Which Writer Deserves to Have His Vote Revoked:

The one who voted for a guy with an 89 career OPS+?

The one who voted for a guy with a 100 career ERA+?

In other news, Jeff Pearlman's prediction of last June proved correct. Also, Jim Rice will probably make it next year, since Ricky Henderson is the only lock on the ballot and he won't lose any votes to this guy.


larry b said...

Since I'm super duper smart and have a big ugly pulsating brain in my head (read: I am a huge nerd), I know you're talking about Knoblauch and Stottlemeyer. But you should link thier baseball reference pages just to be safe.

Tonus said...

I'm looking forward to next year, when Henderson and Rice get in and McGwire climbs to 30% of the vote. There should be some good reading for at least a week or so!

SteveKerr said...

Woody Paige voted for Todd Stottlemyre because he visited Denver and said hi that one time.

Andrew said...

Jon Heyman voted for Knoblauch cause he played for the Yankees.