Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Back To The Grind

Enough of this vacation nonsense. Starting today, I'm back to my usual at least one post per weekday routine. That's good news for both of you out there who are still checking the blog after our week-plus hiatus. Thanks for sticking with us, and if you see any of the other ten people that used to read us, tell them we're back.

Let's get things started with two quick new years resolutions-

1) By popular demand, I'm going to try to be less angry and more light-hearted/carefree/happy/comedically inclined. Basically I'm going to spend less time talking about how how furious bad sportswriting makes me and instead spend more time coming up with unwitty jokes. I'm going to end more sentences with exclamation marks! Because that implies excitement! Which makes everything seem more energetic, and high-energy people are always funny! See what I mean?! I feel like Dane Cook already! In order to get my mind in the right place for this transition, I'll probably visit funny sites like this more often. Or this. Or this. These make me laugh. I like laughing.

2) I will start getting in shape, eating healthy, reading books, volunteering for charities, and generally putting the shattered pieces of my life back together.

See what I mean about writing more unfunny jokes? It's gonna be a great year.

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