Tuesday, January 22, 2008

An Old Favorite!

Dayn Perry picks his surprising contenders next year

Bad news is: he picked the Reds. Now, according to the Colin Cowherd school of media, other teams in the Central will be gunning for them.

It's pretty much all just Dayn rambling about a few players on each team who are "solid" or "poised to break out" or "could be contributors". Honestly, I'm not even going to break it down, since it's just a bunch of wishy-washy statements about a few names.

OMG JARROD SALTALAMACCHIA the Rangers are a dark horse!

Also, here's the weirdest part - he picks the Rays, then adds this doozy:

As for the bullpen, Troy Percival was an excellent addition, and he'll greatly improve how the Rays fare in late, high-leverage innings.

What the hell is a high leverage inning? Does he mean the ninth? The eighth? The sixth? I have no idea which innings have more leverage than others.


Anonymous said...

Apparently there is a new rule going in (probably AL only, since they like to mess around with tradition) that runs in the later innings are worth more than the early innings. If that works out, wins in September will be weighted higher than wins in April in 2009.

Richard Dansky said...

In theory, high leverage innings are the ones when the score is close, i.e. when running the Seth McClungs of the world out there will in fact cause the splintered remnants of your fan base to commit ritual self-immolation on a pile of mint condition Rocco Baldelli rookie cards. Topps only, of course.

I think what Perry's trying to say is that the Rays' bullpen won't turn quite so many 4-2 leads into 8-4 deficits for Scott Kazmir this year. But that's just me.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Dan-Bob,

You've honestly never heard of high leverage spots?