Tuesday, January 22, 2008

But Will It Play in Peoria?

I'm in beautiful Nashville, Tennessee right now and after witnessing last night's Blues/Predators game in person, I wanted to post with local flare. So here is Jessica Hopp of Nashville's The Tennessean.

Experience and youth worked in perfect harmony on Monday night, and the tune that was produced certainly showed no hint of the Blues.

GET IT? Because the Predators beat the Blues, you see. And what Ms. Hopp has done here is take the team name - in this case "Blues" - and used it in another commonly found application of the word. What will it take for people to stop doing this? I'm rooting for a Chris Hansen/Nashville Predators line about molestation, but we all know that won't happen.

After losing the first three games of the season against St. Louis, Nashville snagged its second win in three days against the Central Division rival with a 6-3 victory in front of 13,642 fans at Sommet Center.

Under 14,000 fans and new ownership gets to move the team out of Nashville. I have to say that I enjoy being able to drive to another city and watch their classless fans carry on the legacy of "Stone Cold" Steve Austin's greatest hits from the late 90's. Nashville moved right behind the Red Wings in the division and nobody is coming to the games because almost all the seats are the expensive ones.

And now I point you to the end of the article where a Tennessean reader vents frustration.

Deafmike wrote: Great game for a Monday afternoon.......

Because yesterday was a holiday, puck dropped at 5pm. Somebody in our row joined the game right before the second period ended at 6:40pm. Maybe it's a pet peeve, but how hard is it to get to a game somewhere around when it starts?


Chris W said...

nice futurama reference

pnoles said...

futurama reference? how'd I miss it?

Chris W said...

network executive bot: "will it play in peoria"

pnoles said...

And it even was the title.....I suck.

Anonymous said...

The phrase "Will it play in Peoria?" predates Futurama by about a million years, roughly. Give or take.

larry b said...


Chris W said...

i figured it was a futurama reference because of the age- and interest-base of this blog

i'm well-aware that futurama didn't invent the phrase