Thursday, January 10, 2008

Quiet Out There Tonight

I wanted to put up a Dr. Z piece, but it was too funny to finish. If that makes any sense. I mean, it was unintentionally funny, and as a result I got too exasperated to finish it. That should clear things up.

So instead, because I like to put something up every day, let me encourage you to enjoy this extremely well written piece about "American Gladiators" by's Sam Alipour. Even if you're not excited about the show's return to TV, it's still a good read. And if you're like me, so excited about the show that you recently asked your mom to sew you a stars-and-stripes themed unitard you can wear while watching it, it's a great read.

Also, I know nobody takes him seriously anyways, but just a second ago on Best Damn Sports Show Period John Salley inexplicably claimed that "The Patriots don't get any respect because they play in a small market." I'm not sure which part of that is more offensive- the part about the Patriots apparently not getting respect, or the part about the 7th largest TV market in the country (according to Neilsen) being small. Yeah, I mean, totally. This is why everyone is always all over Peyton Manning's nuts- he has the advantage of playing in the nation's 26th largest market! Brett Favre only gets brought up because Green Bay comes in at number 70 on that list, just behind the Wichita/Hutchinson, KS area who came in at number 69. (Haha! Sixty-nine!) Imagine putting Tom Brady in front of those kinds of audiences. With all that exposure I bet he'd even make Sportscenter every couple of weeks or so. Did you hear he just finished up a really good season?


Tonus said...

John Salley also thinks that the Yankees don't get any respect because they play in "the tiny Bronx market."

Jeff said...

Salley makes some sense.

Did you know the Red Sox won the World Series? Did you realize the Celtics have the NBA's best record? Do you even know who Richard Seymour is? Have you ever heard of "Harvard"?

That's what I thought. In all seriousness I think Salley probably just thinks that Foxboro is a small town (which it is) that is tucked away in North East Vermont; which I believe is known as the Northeast Kingdom for some crazy reason.