Friday, January 11, 2008

Jerry Crasnick Pwns Some Random Masshole

During an chat re: "Who's better, A-Rod or Pujols?"

Steve (Boston, MA): Jerry know that i think of it ill take Youk, and Mike L. over both of them to play my corner spots WS CHAMPS baby

Jerry Crasnick: Steve,

Thanks for the provincial Bostonian viewpoint. A baseball chat at ESPN simply wouldn't be complete without it.

Yeah! Facial! Tell him, Jer. Steve from Boston, you just got an eyeball full of mustache.

In case you're unsure of what the definition of "provincial" in this context is (which I for one intially was), it's number three on this list.

The sad part about all the hating I do on Boston and its fans is that I'm sure there are tons of them out there that are perfectly cool and well-adjusted. Hell, regular FireJay commenter and Good Guy At Sports writer Jeff is a great example. But people like him are hard to pick out of the crowd with all the Steve from Bostons wandering around teh interwebs. They make comment sections basically unreadable. You'll be reading what people have said about a college football column and then, boom, without warning, somehow the conversation has drifted over to Tom Brady and his sexy chin donut. And these people are ready to reference something Bill Simmons wrote as objective gospel about how sports works ("Dude, chemiceracity really works! Go Sawks!") at the drop of a hat. It's sad. Looking back to 2004, I wish I could go back in time and kick my own ass for being a temporary Red Sox fan that October. Look at what's happened to the landscape of sports since. New York fans were never this bad. At least they know how to deal with winning (except their NBA fans... zing!).


dan-bob said...

Provincial was a vocabulary word in my eleventh-grade class.

Jeff said...