Saturday, September 1, 2007

doubles are better than home runs i guess...

It's pretty common knowledge than ESPN's Sean Salisbury, when not busy sexually harassing interns, finds time to say some pretty stupid shit.

If my DVR had been working last night I would have gotten an exact quote, but it wasn't, so I apologize for the paraphrase. Salisbury justified the Jacksonville Jaguars' decision to go with David Gerrard over Byron Leftwich (paraphrase):

"Leftwich is a one dimensional player, a home run hitter. They went with the more versatile Gerrard because he can hit the gap double as well as the home run."

Would you rather have a double or a home run? I mean come on, the home run, from a bases standpoint, is double the production of a 2B. Plus it's a guaranteed run. Plus there's no shot of the player getting out in a line drive double play. Salisbury must be one of those guys who would rather have a base hit to start a ninth inning rally than a solo shot. It's a pretty common line of reasoning for lots of baseball fans. Retarded ones, of course; but a lot of people think like that.


larry b said...

maybe they should sign akili smith too- i heard he's great at laying down sac bunts.

pnoles said...

wtf....if a player has home run power, he pretty much has doubles power by default.