Monday, September 24, 2007

one of the most confusing dumb fan comments you'll ever hear

the scene: tonight's giants/padres tilt at AT&T park. bottom of the second. fred lewis on first. omar vizquel laces a ball into the huge right center field gap, and ends up on third when all the dust clears. guy standing behind me:

"Wow... an in field triple!"

what the hell? i mean, i guess he's right... sort of.


Jarrett said...

What about the conference at the mound at Coors that was met with a "Ohhhh my GOD! What's happening *now*?" from behind us in the Rockpile?

pnoles said...

"Wait...Fred Lewis ISN'T famous?" label requested.

dan-bob said...

I feel like the last time I read a story where someone "laced" a ball into the gap, I was reading a Matt Christopher story.