Sunday, September 9, 2007

oh brother

(9/10, 1:30 AM: late edit in response to the diligent commenters who called me out: yes, i know that writers don't come up with their own headlines. but look at it.... is there any way someone besides paige would actually think of that? thanks for keeping me honest, by the way.)

(9/10, 2:00 AM: i am so troubled by this turn of events [i swear, you've got me all wrong! i'm not that stupid! i thought everyone would understand that that headline was so terrible only woody himself could've come up with it.] that i have emailed woody and asked for the source of the headline. i'm confident that if and when he gets around replying to me, i will be exonerated/vindicated. i'm on pins and needles waiting for his barely literate response.)

good to be back in denver for a little while... except for that fact that i now have access to a newspaper that actually pays woody paige to write articles. his headline for today's broncos preview:

Super season for Broncos comes with a side of Rice

recently signed defensive end simeon rice, that is!!!!!!11111 see what he did there?

go play in traffic, woody.


mark blank said...

Blame some anonymous sports section editor, not Paige. Writers at daily newspapers do not, traditionally, have much of anything to do with the headline that accompanies the article.

Chris W said...

except that type of pun is woody's stock and trade.

if he didn't insist on that headline himself, it was fashioned in his manner!

Anonymous said...

I was high on this website until it started picking on bloggers (not colmunists), getting athletes mixed up (Buchanan and Robinson) and now believing that writers come up with their own headlines.

pnoles said...

anonymous - Ed Hardiman is an official member of He works for the site, and isn't really just a "blogger" like we are.

larry b said...

the buchanan/robinson thing was a genuine mistake, but this isn't. i know writers don't usually make their own headlines, but that pun is sooooooooooo bad, paige had to have come up with it himself.

Chris W said...


Anonymous said...

Fair enough, larry b. Mistakes happen. I make them all the time. I'm still a loyal reader.