Thursday, September 13, 2007

update: does woody paige write his own headlines? no, but i'm glad i asked

last sunday i posted about a ridiculously terrible pun in a headline attached to a woody paige article. a couple on-the-ball commenters pointed out that traditionally, writers do not come up with headlines. that's a responsibility left to editors. i know that, of course, but my line of thinking in this particular situation was that the pun was so bad paige must be bucking this trend and cutting the editors out of the process. well, who better to settle the question of whether or not this was the case than woody himself? i emailed him that night, asking for a clarification. his response is nothing short of hilarious. since i thought people might not believe he said what he said if i simply copied and pasted the text, i've decided to post a screen shot. i know it's too small to read as it appears here, so click to enlarge.

so, here's the deal: i was wrong, and now look like even more of an idiot. first i attribute a crime committed by an atlanta falcons DB ten years ago to the wrong guy, and now this! fortunately, woody bails me out by providing a deliciously ironic response to my question. sure, he's trying to be funny and jokingly self-degradating... but i think we can all agree he's actually just unintentionally telling things like they are. thanks woody! it was worth it for me to embarrass myself just to get that little "joke" from you in writing. sports journalism: it's a tough job, but somebody's got to do it.


Chris W said...

you didn't have to tell it like it is, marge`

pnoles said...

Other things Woody has problems with.

1) Speaking

2) Not being obnoxious

3) Not sexually harassing things

dan-bob said...


eriz said...

I laughed my ass off when I read that. I don't think Paige is funny, inciteful, or interesting. I must say, though, that the dry erade board he brings on Around the Horn is often pretty damn funny.

The Klaw said...

Woody is the greatest journalist ever.. how can you say hes not interesting...honestly