Monday, September 17, 2007

yes, i'm jealous of this guy. and yes, he is an enormous tool

don't get me wrong, i really wish i were bryan biederman. see, byran's job (as far as i can tell) is to follow fox's mlb broadcast team around to all its saturday broadcast locations and assemble a photo diary based on whatever shots he can get with an all access on field pass. what a fantastic job, no? basically he's getting paid to go to baseball games and take pictures, then write a couple cheesy captions and get the whole package published on

now here's the problem- when your photo diary contains almost as many shots of you awkwardly posing with/groping/"carrying" women as it does of actual baseball players... you are a officially a huge douchebag.

check out his work from saturday's yankees/red sox tilt and tell me bryan doesn't have a terminal case of "that guy" disease. hey, jackass- you don't need to prove to baseball fans everywhere that you can get girls to pose with you in pictures. we really couldn't care less. take some more pictures on the damn field.


pnoles said... did you find that clown?

Chris Hart said...

Douche Bag.