Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Can't Believe I've Laid Off This Guy Before

Roman Modrowski is a writer for the Chicago Sun-Times. He writes about boxing a lot. He also has a blog where he talks about Chicago and Notre Dame sports, often very stupidly. I'm a regular poster on the blog, and I finally feel compelled to make him show up here.

I thought our Cubs beat writer Gordon Wittenmyer had a very good lead to his story today. The Cubs didn't look like a good team last night, but they looked like a championship team.

Fantastic sentence there Roman. You just made "good team" and "championship team" mutually exclusive. As far as I can tell, the only way that's possible is if the 2006 St. Louis Cardinals won the World Series every year.

And yeah, it was a comeback win against the Reds. But anybody who's followed sports for a while knows those are the types of wins championship teams pull out all the time.

The Reds have a terrible pitching staff and a relatively poor closer. A lot of teams pull off these wins. The White Sox, for example, have won a game being down 6 in the bottom of the 9th and being down by 6 in the bottom of the 7th this month. These are the kinds of wins that championship teams pull out, Roman.

I'm not saying the Cubs are going to the World Series, but once in the playoffs, anything is possible.


Like I said back on June 25, this looks like a Team of Destiny (but with a bad closer).

By definition, if you say they're a "Team of Destiny", doesn't that necessarily mean that you are saying that the Cubs are going to the World Series? Or does "Team of Destiny" mean nothing even to the people who use the term excessively as well?

Other teams who, therefore, look like a Team of Destiny: everyone going to the playoffs.

Whatever happened to that poor "Team of Destiny" last year from Detroit? Didn't they lose the World Series?

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