Saturday, September 8, 2007

espn radio- a wasteland of terribleness

this week i learned that should i ever encounter a day where i'm anxious to blog but just can't come up anything to rip on, i'll just turn on espn radio. on thursday, dana jacobsen had former NFL players lomas brown and ray buchanan on her show to make some preseason picks. besides the fact that they consistently used the reasonably inappropriate line "Beep beep, the short bus is here to pick you up!" when one disagreed with the other's line of thinking, lomas also provided excellent analysis such as (re: the chicago bears)

"You know, they have such a good home field advantage. And when you think about it, that's 8 wins right there."

yeah, let's just go ahead and hand it to them right now. i mean, since 2001 a whole whopping 10 teams have gone unbeaten at home for a whole season. but i think we can pretty much be sure the bears will do so in 2007. i love his use of "when you think about it", as if, well... i know intially you might hesitate to pencil a team in for an undefeated home record before the season starts... but just think about it! it'll come to you.

before chris w gets all huffy about this, i'm not anti-bears. i think they'll probably win the NFC again this year. and they maybe might possibly could go 8-0 at home. i'm just anti-lomas brown.

also, hey ray buchanan: go pick up some more undercover cop prostitutes the night before the super bowl why don't you.


Chris W said...

bears 2007 home schedule


It's fucking RETARDED (lol! retarded!) to assume the bears will go unbeaten at home.

Is it POSSIBLE? maybe.Is it likely? Not with the broncos, cowpokes, and saints.

Not to mention a game v. the packers that will likely be played when the bears have nothing to gain and the pack has nothing to lose

Chris Hart said...

Though I believe Ray Buchanan was on that Falcons team, you're thinking of Eugene Robinson. Sometimes you just need a $50 BJ the night before the biggest day of your life, just hours after receiving an "Outstanding Contributions to the Community" award.

Jeff said...

Chris beat me to it. It was Eugene Robinson, not Ray Buchanan, who was arrested before the Super Bowl. Buchanan's most famous off-the-field moment came when he did a poor rap at one of Jim Rome's tour stops.

eriz said...

Bears win the NFC north with an 8-8 record. Book it.

larry b said...

oh no! i was so proud of that parting shot. man is my face red. if lomas and ray were here they'd probably "beep beep!" me for that one.

Chris W said...

eriz, you are going to crash and burn with that prediction

eriz said...


Plus Grossman is terrible

Chris W said...

yeah...they lost by 11 on the road to the best offense in football.

that means that they will definitely go 8-8....especially playing in the weak ass NFC and the even weaker ass NFC north