Sunday, September 23, 2007


Jay Mariotti has started writing "exclusive online columns every day". Basically he pumps out like 4 new briefs a day onto the Sun-Times web site.


This is more of just an ironic/funny thing than a bad article. I thought it was worth pointing out because it makes me very, very angry.

Sox-paganda exposed!

Gee, I think this is the proudest day of my career. A piece in Columbia Journalism Review says professional sports franchises, such as the White Sox, orchestrate specific campaigns against sportswriters they don't like based on smear strategies derived from -- drum roll, please -- the Bush administration and political public-relations firms.

Let's take a minute for Jay to change his pants.

OK. Good. On we go. (I couldn't find the article he's talking about online, but if anyone does, please post!)

Let me get this straight: You mean to say a baseball team is so obsessed with what I'm writing that it would resort to using Bush-like tactics against me?

This really puts writing on a blog called "Fire Jay Mariotti" into context, eh?

Is that why Hawk Harrelson is always drooling over his flower shirt to say something about me 10 times every telecast -- because he's being told to follow the Dubya handbook? The CJR piece lists me and Jason Whitlock of the Kansas City Star among organized targets.


I'm asking for a raise. I had no idea I was this important.

This is the reason that this situation pisses me off.

I also had no idea the Sox were so petty and devious. Actually, I did have an idea, but between covering major stories involving the Cubs and Bears, starting this perpetual Web column, writing my regular column for the paper, doing five ESPN shows a week and making plans to cover the Beijing Olympics, I kind of forgot the Sox were still around.

Forgot? I wasn't aware you knew anything about them at all besides:

1) Ozzie Guillen is an embarrassment and the reason the White Sox suck
2) Their record, up to the minute, since July 2, 2006
3) They are, on average, less popular than the Cubs

Of course, fans are smart enough to see through any silly Sox-paganda attempts. The franchise should stop worrying about the media and try to dig out of its monstrous hole since July 2, 2006, a period in which the Sox have gone 105-133 and fallen back into their irrelevant two-hole on the local baseball food chain.

There it is.


Larry said...

I'm really curious to know how many times he's mentioned the White Sox since July 2, 2006...

pnoles said...

We're placing the over/under at 25.

No joke.

Anonymous said...

Does anybody know what happened on July 2, 2006 that makes it such a special date in the "downfall" of the chcago White Sox?

Aaron said...

I fucking love this blog.