Monday, July 30, 2007

um. what?

Dr. Z:

Remember my story about Vic Ziegel, my old buddy on the New York Post, and the Weatherman explosion right near his house in the East Village and how the TV lady backed off because she spotted his movie book? Guess what? I heard from him, and you're not going to like what he has to say:

"Thanks for telling my story," he writes. "Now it's my turn to tell the one about the time you shredded that cigarette into the woman's drink in Kansas City?"

Hey, I don't do stuff like that ... I mean I didn't do stuff like that ... and how can you remember, you were as drunk as I was? What I do remember is that they were having this big debate in the papers about fluoridating the water in K.C. and we were in this all night cafeteria and you told us, "Watch how I operate" and went over to this lady and leaned on her table and stared into her eyes and said, "What do you think about fluoridating the water?" And her answer was, "I'm waiting for someone." And how about on that same Yankees trip when you wired the paper, from Minneapolis, for more money, and Gellis said, "What happened to the hundred I gave you?" and you said, "I guess it was just blown away." You want to start trading stories? You're gonna lose.


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eriz said...

if dr. z was a woman, he'd have like a bazillion cats