Sunday, July 15, 2007

some idiot yankees fan who gets his blog published on uses ridiculous hyperbole

here's an excerpt from this pointless entry/column about how gary sheffield is an idiot. it's not that gary sheffield isn't an idiot, but really, yankeemike2k7, don't you think you're going a little bit out on a limb here? re: sheff's recent dumb comments on joe torre and derek jeter:

Naturally he’ll claim the “taken out of context” card on this one, and he already has, claiming that Derek is one of his friends, and the editors can make it look however they want. But Gary Sheffield has no context, his context is anger. His context is a chip on his shoulder. His context is I can only trust myself. He’s been that way his entire career, and now he thinks he can tear down the characters of two men whom each have more character than 20 million Gary Sheffield’s. Two men whose names will live on long after Sheffield’s is only a shriveled memory to future generations of his own family.

wow. just.... wow. i hope sheffield doesn't read this. he'll probably go ballistic and hit like 20 HR in his next 5 games if he does.

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YankeeMike2k7 said...

God I wish I would've known you had an opinion about me the month and a half ago when I wrote that blog. How am the idiot? That blog was pretty truthful about how that imbecile has carried himself his entire career. He's never been held accountable for his actions and I felt that by going after Torre for being a racist he should finally get what's been coming to him.

And no, the 20 homers in 5 games never came. All he did was land on the DL. Plus, judging by the vast majority of those who commented, who mostly weren't Yankee fans mind you, most agreed with me. How is it a hyperbole when all I stated were characteristics supported by his own actions? Freakin' ridiculous.