Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Moby and Gwen Stefani are spinning in their graves

Albert Chen's Fungoes functions as both a blog and a sentence. But you might want to think twice about consulting it for directions.

Chicago CubsRecord: 44-43, 2nd place
Runs Scored: 396 (9th in NL)
Runs Allowed: 368 (4th in NL)
What went wrong: There were more meltdowns in the South Side than in an episode of Hey, Paula, and yet the Cubs are still alive.

The Cubs are in the South Side? Where does the North Side begin? Milwaukee?


Chris W said...

worst post title in blogosphere blogoverse!!!

eriz said...

i don't get it

Chris W said...

the cubs are on the north side of chicago, not the south side

furthermore, gwen stefani and moby collaborated on a song called "southside"

eriz said...

nope still don't understand

larry b said...

i WISH moby were spinning in his grave already. smug bastard. stefani? she's alright, i guess. as far as people like her go.

pnoles said...

Yeah...that's really pathetic of him to not notice that in a quick read-through.