Thursday, July 26, 2007

picking on dr. z for no reason

he might be the lowest low-hanging fruit on the lowest-branched low-hanging fruit tree located in the lowest-elevation part of the netherlands. still, sometimes i can't help myself.

Where would I rank KC's O-line of 2004-5 on my all-time list? OK, let's run that back a couple of years, so we can put John Tait in at RT for John Welbourn. Yes, the best of the decade, I believe, unless something surpasses it in the next few years.

personally i would rank that chiefs OL in the top 5 of the decade, unless 8 teams surpass them before 2012. but that's just me. keep up the good work, dr. z.


Chris W said...

they're certainly the best o-line kc has ever fielded betwee 2004 and 2005

pnoles said...

Nothing wrong with picking on Dr. Z. It's like...practice for the real thing.