Thursday, July 19, 2007

Sometimes facts are fun to make up

I like John Donovan of Sports Illustrated. He has two first names. Some cool initials. A thundercock. You know, the sort of things people generally look for in sportswriters. It's too bad, though, that he doesn't have all his facts right in his latest story:

Jose Contreras, SP, White SoxOther teams would probably rather see Sox GM
Kenny Williams make Javier Vazquez available, or Jon Garland. But Contreras
(5-11, 5.32 ERA) is No. 1 on the block. He's 35 with some injury problems, and
his fastball has to speed up to reach into the low 90s. But he's postseason
tested (4-1, 3.77 in 12 games), relatively cheap (what's left of about $6
million) and he has no other strings (a free agent this winter).Prediction:

Contreras is actually signed for $9 million this season (any team that trades for him would be on the hook for "what's left" of that). And he'll be a free agent only after he makes $10 million in 2008... and another $10 million in 2009. Other than that, he's relatively cheap and has no other strings attached.


Chris W said...

i think the yankees are paying a pct of that 9 million though

pnoles said...

I, however, do not like John Donovan. His power rankings are dumb, and he's openly admitted to being terrified of Fire Joe Morgan. Toss the "john donovan" label onto this post please!

E said...

The Yankees payed part of his salary in 2004, 2005, and 2006. 2007 is the first year of a three-year extension which the Sox are solely on the hook for.

larry b said...

while we're all busy bantering about chicago related stuff, i'd like to throw it out there that the blues brothers is an amazing movie.

also any fan that would rather see their team ditch garland or vasquez over contreras should be deported to canada.

Chris W said...


ps: did youknow that burly is 3rd in the AL in ERA and 1st in the AL in no-hitters?

pnoles said...

omg yoiu swerious?