Tuesday, July 24, 2007

oh, you think?

i didn't get a chance to save a screen capture of it, but last night espn.com had a pretty hilarious little blurb up about bonds on its front page. it said (not word for word, but this was the main idea):

Barry Bonds has a knack for hitting big home runs at home. Will this be the week he breaks Hank Aaron's record? The Giants open a 3 game series with the Braves at AT&T Park tonight!

i love the use of the figure of speech "[he] has a knack for" right there. oh, really? you're proposing that he just might hit numbers 755 and 756 at home (as he hit numbers 600, 660, 661, and 715), because that just seems like "something he would do?" i mean, yeah, if it happened that way, it would be a total coincidence. you know, i personally think they should sit him out this homestand and let him hit those on the road. i'm sure the fans in whatever stadium he happens to do it in would appreciate the achievement just as much as those in san fran. seriously, what a stupidass teaser. "hey, watch our network this week! the giants are playing at home, and you know how that barry bonds is! he just HAPPENS to hit milestone home runs at home, for some reason!" screw you espn.

this is not as bad, but in the same vein as the time earlier this season when they showed a graphic pointing out the interesting "coincidence" that all of the walkoff home runs mariano riveria has given up in his career have come on the road. really? you mean he's never given one up at yankee stadium, before his team gets a chance to bat in the bottom of the 9th? baseball's just a crazy game like that i guess.

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pnoles said...

Haha....that walkoff thing is such a joke. Wow.