Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Just.....Look Up the One Fact You Actually Use....Okay Jay?

Because I'm so absolutely sick of hearing about Beckham, Donaghy, and especially Barry Bonds, it's almost a relief to read another Jay-bashes-Ozzie column in which he makes a huge deal out of Ozzie calling White Sox fans factory workers.

All about spin, as usual, but things get dicey when Jay tries a little argumentative tactic called "using information".

The only position player who can be penciled in for '08, definitively, is Paul Konerko.

This requires so little work, and Jay won't do it. Go to Google. Type in "Chicago White Sox contracts". Click on the first link that shows up. Read stuff. Isn't the internet great?

Jim Thome is in through 2008 (with 2009 option). Pierzynski is signed through 2008. Those, my friend, are penciled in. Toby Hall is also signed for 2008, along with Pablo "I played replacement level baseball for 4 years and all I got was this lousy $1.25M 2008 paycheck" Ozuna. Mackowiak will almost definitely get signed for his 2008 option with the way he's played this year and the ChiSox's complete lack of an outfield.

And if Williams is smart, he'll stay away from Uribe's $5M option for 2008.

You're welcome, Jay.


pnoles said...

I would also like to add that Larry's creation of the "WRONG" label is the best thing that's ever happened to this site.

Anonymous said...

DH = position player???????????????????

Chris W said...

i generally feel like when people talk about position players they're talking about players who are not pitchers. i.e. hitters (in the AL)

but that's just me :shrug:

larry b said...

the important thing to remember here is that the designated hitter rule is fucking stupid. the only positive thing it's ever done was extend the career of funny fat guys like cecil fielder. let's leave it at that.

pnoles said...

DH's are position players, anonymous. First off, most DH's can play first base, and many do in interleague play. Others, like Jason Kubel and Johnny Damon are placed into the role simply for the sake of keeping them in the batting order when there is a better defensive option. That's if you want to take it in a literal sense. How else did David Ortiz get into the All-Star game? Chris W. is correct.

Chris W said...

furthermore, larry is incorrect

the national league is for dusty bakers and dan-bobs