Friday, July 6, 2007

Admitting is the First Step

In browsing the interwebs, I discovered this nonsense.

Basically, it's just one guy ranting about the guys who have, in his opinion, played poorly this season. A few batting averages are cited, but mostly it's just a list of "players Scott Miller doens't like". Which is bad enough. But I call to your attention this journalistic gem:

So welcome one and all to my eighth annual Anti-All Star team. The criteria for being an Anti-All Star is very simple: As former Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart once said of pornography, "I know it when I see it."

Well, at least one of the cadre of journalists finally admitted to making lists with totally random qualities (read: subject to Scott's minimal intelligence). Scott, your criteria for being on the worst players team is not actually BEING the worst player (which can be objectively verified) but simply being a player you don't LIKE. I guess it would be a boring article if you just took the lowest OPS or VORP from each position and put them on your team, but it would at least be less boring sensationalism and less egotistical.

Seriously.. "welcome one and all"? It's like he concedes the fact that his articles are like a circus!


larry b said...

the actual list is a bunch of terrible players... and gary matthews junior. because he's probably on HGH. but no other potential abusers. just matthews.

Chris W said...

well to be fair, gary matthews is a cheater and therefore is the only cheater ever in baseball history

pnoles said...

What in the world???? Usually Scott Miller's better than this......