Tuesday, July 17, 2007

10,000th annoying thing done by SI.com

Okay, okay, okay. We get it... the Phillies have lost 10,000 games. Nevermind that they are one of the oldest baseball franchises and have played over 18,000 games. When the Phillies finally get to another World Series, FOX is gonna cream their pants: "OVER THE COURSE OF 10,000 HEARTBREAKS, THE PHILLIES AND THEIR FANS HAVE SUFFERED, PATIENTLY WAITING FOR THIS MOMENT!"

It is the kind of statistic that should have been said by the TV announcers during the middle of the 8th inning of the Phil's loss. Kind of a cool benchmark, but again, nothing terribly significant. Sports Illustrated, unable to let anything go, have this headline up today:

"Dodgers make it 10,001 for Phils"

Stop it. Please.

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pnoles said...

On Sunday, August 5th, when the Brewers pull off a comeback 7-6 win over the Phillies, we'll be hearing......

"If you thought 10,013 was painful, have a taste of what 10,014 feels like."